CHC5Jacqueline has led ensemble workshops all over the U.S. at many of the countries leading Universities, including Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, The Catholic University D.C., and New York University, as well as with ensembles such as Capitol Hill Chorale and as part of the faculty at Chorworks in DC and Amherst Early Music Festival. See below for an ensemble technique workshop proposal:


The workshop can last from 1 hour to a day and can be tailored to the particular needs of the group. The workshop is for any size of ensemble and for any repertoire. As a member of Anonymous 4 I am experienced in the unique skills needed for good ensemble technique. The workshop consists of:

  • Posture exercises
  • Group breathing exercises ,working on developing the “group breath.
  • Group warm-up – e.g. humming, portamento scales,vowel matching, working on connecting the breath to the sound.
  • Listening/awareness vocal exercises- e.g. passing sound around the circle, putting sound in the center of the circle, eyes open then eyes shut, learning to listen to the group and to create the “group sound”.
  • Listening/awareness games- e.g. the name game, word association game, passing rhythms and phrases around and across the circle, layering sound and rhythm- all requiring listening and awareness- and fun too!
  • Also consonant exercises, work on “casting” the vocal line and then applying all this to pieces that the ensemble have already worked on (and ideally also on pieces that they are less familiar with)


“It is a great thrill to have Jacqueline participate in our choral workshop Chorworks each year…not only are we able to hear her sing with fellow faculty members- a wonderful demonstration of the art of the consort singer-but we also benefit from her ensemble coaching skills, and her private voice lessons.”

(Philip Cave, founder of The Tallis Scholars and director of Chorworks)