CHC2Jacqueline has given lectures on different aspects of vocal pedagogy, vocal literature and career development at universities and colleges around the U.S., including Duke, The Catholic University D.C., University of Georgia at Athens, Binghamton and The Juilliard School. Subjects include, but are not restricted to:



  • Medieval Music and the Modern Ensemble: questions and challenges regarding repertoire and performance practice.
  • A life in early music: my work with Anonymous 4.
  • Singing early music: approaches and pitfalls.
  • Singing the music of Hildegard of Bingen: examining approaches by Anonymous 4 and others.
  • Getting started: Career advice for the young professional.
  • How to be your own agent.
  • New or Old? Vocal Techniques in works by Cage, Berio and Berberian.
  • The Art of Concertizing: the agreement between performer and audience.
  • Voice Disorders: what they are and how to avoid them.