60 minute lesson: $80

40 minute lesson: $60




I have been a singer and educator for over 20 years. I have worked with students from all kinds of backgrounds, interests and abilities.  I believe that every student deserves to be shown encouragement, support and respect. I am strongly committed to student centered teaching: I believe that each student has individual needs and interests that should be nurtured and developed at the students own pace and in a way that suits each individual’s aptitude for the subject matter.

Student centered teaching, and music education, is a central part of a liberal arts education, which I strongly believe is vital to produce a well rounded, engaged, accomplished student capable of critical thinking and thoughtful analysis of not just their academic studies but also the world around them.

I am proud of my work in the field of music, both as a performer and as an educator, and I look forward to continuing my work helping students to find and develop their own unique voice, and their place in the world.


“I wanted to say thank you – you probably already know this, but your teaching lives on in your students for years. I continue to be hugely impressed and enormously proud to know you, and miss getting to spend time with you.” Ellen Myers Kliman, former student.