CHC workshop croppedJacqueline is an experienced clinician. She has worked with singers all over the world, of all ages, levels and abilities. She offers a variety of services, tailored to the individual needs of each ensemble or music departments. As a long time member of Anonymous 4 and as a soloist she specializes in early and new work and has many voice students who come to her studio to work specifically on this repertoire. She has given workshops and master classes with students eager to explore music that they perhaps do not encounter on a regular basis.  She has also given lectures at universities throughout the U.S. on the subject from a pedagogical perspective. Her experience both as a performer and as an educator gives her great insight into the challenges and rewards of singing this repertoire. She is also uniquely qualified to address concerns regarding ensemble technique and rehearsal skills and to offer career advice to singers both entering the profession and those wanting to re-energize or reinvent their careers. All activities can be offered separately or combined in whatever ways suit the needs and interests of the ensemble or music department.

Jacqueline has given successful master classes all over the US, including The Mannes School of Music NYC, Duke University NC, Princeton University, NJ, University of Georgia at Athens and SUNYOswego, NY, working with students on opera, oratorio and song, everything from Bach and Handel to contemporary music. Learn More!
Jacqueline has led ensemble workshops all over the U.S. at many of the countries leading universities, including Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, The Catholic University D.C., and New York University, as well as with ensembles such as Capitol Hill Chorale and as part of the faculty at Chorworks in DC and Amherst Early Music Festival. Learn More!
Jacqueline has given lectures on different aspects of vocal pedagogy, vocal literature and career development at universities and colleges around the U.S., including Duke, The Catholic University D.C., University of Georgia at Athens, Binghamton and The Juilliard School. Subjects include, but are not restricted to Learn More!



This workshop can be tailored to suit the needs of the ensemble and can be held in an afternoon, all day or over several days culminating in a performance. The music worked on can be a full-length program, e.g. a medieval Ladymass, or a shorter set that can be incorporated into any concert program, e.g. songs by Francesco Landini or chants by Hildegard von Bingen. Learn More!
This workshop can be in the form of a master class for individuals interested in learning about non-conventional vocal techniques, or can be a workshop for an ensemble and can be held in an afternoon, all day or over several days culminating in a performance.Learn More!